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Bridging Care and Knowledge in Addiction Medicine: Where Healing Meets Learning

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Seamlessly integrates patient tele-consultation services & the NIMHANS ECHO framework for comprehensive learning and capacity building, offering unparalleled access to specialist care and education in Addiction Medicine

Enhancing Patient Care.

Bringing CAM to doorstep

Virtual Aftercare Consultation

The aftercare service is essential for preventing relapse and ensuring sustained recovery from addictive disorders. Virtual Aftercare Consultation offers former CAM, NIMHANS patients, now unable to visit in person can avail this service.

If you have already taken consultation with us, then please call 9480829735 and fix follow up


CAMSOFT, the electronic Health Record (EHR) system developed at the Centre for Addiction Medicine at NIMHANS, Bangalore, represents an assistance tool in the management of addiction-related conditions.  CAMSOFT facilitates comprehensive history taking, diagnosis, and the formulation of management plans. With a database of over 30,000 patients, CAMSOFT has the capability in securely store significant volumes of patient data.

Case records

Telephone: Follow up

The continuity of care is of utmost importance in facilitating recovery for patients with addictive disorders. CAM has developed a telephonic/SMS system where the patient gets a prior notification reminder to come for follow-up on the scheduled date. He or she also asked about their health status during this proactive call. 

Quitline : Tobacco

September 2018: The National Tobacco Quitline is a free counselling service for tobacco users and runs from 8 AM to 8 PM every day (except Monday). Anyone can call 1800112356 and avail of this free service from trained tobacco counsellors in their local language.

Call answered

November 2023:This chatbot serves as a bridge to connect users or their caregivers with the nearest addiction experts, all of whom are mentored and accredited by NIMHANS ECHO, as well as facilitating connections to the Centre for Addiction Medicine at NIMHANS services. It gently gathers basic information regarding the substance use involved, the nature, location etc. to provide appropriate support.

patient visit in April 24

Bridging Gaps, Building Capacities in Addiction Mental Health

Virtual Knowledge Network NIMHANS Digital Academy

Enhancing Capacity

Building Knowledge Network

75 out of 100 people diagnosed with addictive disorder do not have access to care. There is acute need to enhance the capacity.


March 2014: NIMHANS ECHO is an innovative capacity building program that uses a HUB and SPOKE knowledge-sharing network, led by expert teams from the Centre for Addiction Medicine, (NIMHANS) in Bangalore, to provide training and tele-mentoring to healthcare professionals working in remote and rural areas of India, South East Asia and Africa in the area of addictive disorders.

Trained and Mentored till Feb 24

Addiction Champ web app

This repository app/website, is a comprehensive directory of addiction management champions within the community, ready to offer support to individuals and families navigating the challenges of substance use. Each champion listed has been trained, mentored and recognized for their expertise in providing effective addiction management.

Addiction Rx app

May 2022: The Addiction Rx app is an invaluable guide for qualified physicians, medical doctors, and specialists (MBBS or above) to provide effective care to patients dealing with addiction problems. This is based on the “Standard Treatment Guidelines for the Management of Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Addictions of DDAP, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.  

Across 92 countries: Till April 24

This features self-learning modules on addictive disorder.   This is designed in line of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) and accessible to the learners 24/7.  This platform provides flexible, self-paced learning to foster a deeper understanding of focussed subjects, challenges and interventions. At this point, Primer on Tobacco Cessation and Primer on Motivational Interviewing certificate module is open. 

Learners engaged

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available from 10:00 – 16:00 (except Sunday and 2nd Saturday)

Centre for Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS,Bangalore


updated on 16th May 2024